Are You Troubled By Persistent Headaches: Neck Adjustments Can Help

Headache is one of the common medical conditions one suffers. If you have a headache, your blood rushes in a specific area of your head to treat the problem. It results in throbbing sensations from your blood vessels and increasing your blood flow.

Headache can create a pulsing sensation that quickly enters your body. You can also sense your heartbeat and feel your vibration. Your headache can be cured by using a treatment plan.

What are the Different Types of Headaches

Headache is one of the primary causes of illnesses, and it varies from its symptoms and its causes. The following are the headaches that people suffer.

Tension Headaches. It is the most common type of headache. Its symptoms vary according to its cause, the severity can range from mild to moderate, and some people experience extreme tension.

Tension headaches produce dull, squeezing pain in your head. People who suffer from tension headaches feel extreme pressure in their head, neck, and shoulders. It also triggers emotional stress, fatigue, and problems related to your joints and muscles.

What Causes Headache

In most cases, a headache is an illness that can be treated at home. But, some patients have extreme causes like meningitis, brain tumor, and stroke. Given these reasons, it is essential to consult your doctor about your headaches, either severe or not.

Headache at the back of your head. It is a condition that happens because of the damaged nerves in your spinal cord down to your scalp. People are often confused about it and think of it as a migraine. But this condition makes you feel a sharp, throbbing pain starting in your head towards your scalp, also known as occipital neuralgia. It can also affect your eyes, giving your discomfort.

Many factors trigger headaches, and according to studies, nine out of 10 individuals suffer from it. It could be an environmental stimulus, the food that you eat, or your behavior. It is important to note that your headache is related to the tension that you have in your neck. If you notice, people nowadays are focused and engaged with sedentary activities. They are vulnerable and have a high possibility of having headaches. The reason behind this is you are spending lots of hours in a fixed posture or position. Examples are the time you spent working in front of your computer, texting, and the like. It increases the irritation in your joints and the tension in your neck. It also triggers the muscles in your scalp, upper back that causes headache. 

What are the Ways to Minimize the Headache

Preventing headaches comes with the urge to change and adapt to the situation. According to American Chiropractic Association, there are a variety of ways to lessen and minimize headaches. It all takes a will to divert the pain caused by headaches.

  • Working is one of the important things that one must do to continue living. However, if you spend hours in front of your computer, writing and reading, or even sewing – take your precious time to break. Stretching for at least 20 minutes to an hour can help you minimize the chances of having headaches. It would be best if the stretches that you will do will cover your head and neck and give you a refreshed range of motion.
  • Exercising can help you relieve the pain from headaches. It is important to note that heavy exercise is not advisable if you suffer from a severe, throbbing headache. Engage yourself with low-impact exercises like walking, yoga, biking, and dancing. It could even be the start of your new hobby at the same time relieving your body from headaches.
  • Avoid or minimize teeth grinding. The role of your teeth is to swallow food; touching it is not advisable. Teeth clenching puts pressure on your skull and jaw. It results in stress, irritation that developed tension headaches. Making sure your teeth are healthy is one of the ways to avoid teeth grinding. It would also be best if you will consult your dentist to prevent worst-case scenarios.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches. Drinking more than eight glasses of water a day can lower the chances of headache. Remember, your brain contracts if you are dehydrated. Once you drink water and get rehydrated, your body returns to its original state that minimizes headache.
  • Adjust your sleeping position. Sleeping in a neutral position helps you minimize the chances of having a headache. If you can sleep on your back or sideways with a pillow in a neutral position, it can help. It is important to note that a bad sleeping position can create tension in your neck that causes headaches. 

What Can Chiropractors Do to Treat Headaches

Some treatments involve a therapeutic approach, but it does not get through the problem’s root cause. Consulting a chiropractor can give another method that can reduce the tension in your neck, head, and shoulders. If you are suffering from headaches all the time, your chiropractor will do the following to know the root cause of the problem.

  • Perform chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation to lessen the pressure and tension in your spine. It alleviates the pain and improves your spinal function.
  • Provide nutritional food or vitamin recommendation. Having a balanced diet can complete the nutrition and vitamins your body needs. It helps you gain enough strength and balances your regime. 
  • If you are into serious complications, your chiropractor will perform a neck adjustment. The neck adjustment will minimize the pressure and tension in your neck and joints. Disc herniation is one of the typical cases that should be performed through neck adjustments. Neck adjustment is a natural alternative to treat headaches and restore the proper alignment of your neck. 

Chiropractic care doctors are professionals who undergo excessive training to reduce the pain and treat the tension and pressure in your body. They are well-knowledgeable about the causes and treatments and come up with solutions to relieve the pain.

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