Spine Alignment and Reasons To Choose Align Chiropractic

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Suppose you have chronic headaches, lower back pain, pain in your neck, knee, hip, frequent illnesses, tingling or numbness in your feet or hands, excessive fatigue, and walking abnormalities. In that case, you may want to visit your physician or consult your chiropractor for the possible causes. Experiencing two or three symptoms may already warrant you to seek chiropractic care. Hence, you don’t need to have all the signs before triggering your mental alarm that you might not be in your best physical health. And you may ask about the possible cause for the symptoms? In the chiropractic perspective, you may probably have a spine misalignment, which leads you to seek services at Align Chiropractic

Risks of a misaligned spine

Your spine supports your upper body, and even a little instability in your spine could cause you intolerable pain. Just imagine spine: if the column of your bones running from the bottom of your skull to your pelvis misaligned, you will indeed feel a list of extremely uncomfortable pain. The level of pain can range from mild to chronic. Besides pain, you might probably have joint stiffness, slouched posture, decreased mobility, reduced range of motion, respiratory issues, and sciatica. A misaligned spine can also lead to broken bones and discomfort even when performing basic movements like sitting, standing, and lying down. Another worse that could happen is that spinal misalignment can cause permanent deformities in your bones and joints. 

Having a healthy and aligned spine, on the other hand, gives you a relatively straight line starting from your head down to your feet. To simply put it, a properly aligned spine helps you maintain good posture and help you avoid long-term back pain. Since misalignment can affect and impair your movement, range of motion, and eventually affect your quality of life, a visit to Align Chiropractic for good chiropractic care would be necessary to prevent and correct spinal misalignment. 

Treatment options for a misaligned spine  

Spine misalignment can happen quickly due to accidents or injuries, or it could also occur after some time due to bad posture and weak bones. But as it is often caused by immediate unforeseen reasons like injuries, spine treatment, and misalignment, correction can take lots of effort and time. So, it is best to prevent misalignment by developing your mind and body awareness to straighten your body and spine. You can do it through regular stretches and exercise. 

Pilates, yoga, or a simple stretching when you wake up in the body and during work breaks would mean a lot to your spine’s health. A chiropractor visit to maintain your spine’s proper alignment would also be necessary, while some spine misalignment severe cases would require physician care and surgery. Before you go under the knife, here are some stretches and exercises that you can do to maintain a healthy and aligned spine. 

Stretches and exercise to keep your spine aligned

Take small breaks for walks and stretches. Four to five hours sitting and slouching in front of your computer at work can lead to bad posture. It can cause you back pain, shoulder, and neck pain. Fortunately, you can avert the effects of sitting too long by doing regular stretches and a brief walk even when you are at work. Here are some stretching tips to consider. 

  • Be mindful of your posture by checking the alignment of your head, shoulder, hips, and legs. Your head to your legs should be aligned regardless if you are sitting down or standing up. 
  • Perform some shoulder rolls every hour to make sure that you are not shrugging forward. 
  • Take a conscious effort to walk. Skip the elevator if it’s just a few floors up or down. A good walk up or down the stairs can do wonders for your posture.
  • Strengthen your core by doing planks. Planking is even recommended by fitness instructors, of course, and even by chiropractors. Thirty seconds of planking, or even a minute once you progress, can help strengthen your core muscles, which could eventually help take pressure from your spine. 
  • Try some yoga poses that strengthen and stretch our spine and ease the pressure from your shoulders and lower back. One of the said poses is the cat-cow pose.  
  • Use a stability ball to keep your posture in place. You can even replace your conventional office chair for a stability ball for a few minutes each day. 

Regularly visit your chiropractor

Chiropractic care is not just for back cracking since the medical profession also specializes in nervous and musculoskeletal systems, including spine care. Spinal manipulation or adjustment is one of the primary chiropractic services. The adjustments or manipulation may take several sessions, especially since spine correction should be meticulous and slow. Hence, it may take several slow sessions to alleviate pain and correct your spine’s adjustment completely. 

The treatment process may be extended, and often tedious since your chiropractor’s travel may take a few precious minutes or an hour. However, chiropractic care offers holistic treatment, which means that you are getting a good back cracking and spine manipulation and getting you tips and coaching on a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. So, suppose you are suffering from back pain and, eventually, spine misalignment. In that case, your chiropractor will offer advice on the proper and appropriate exercises and stretches that you can do even when your spine is still misaligned. Your chiropractor may also provide counseling on appropriate health and nutrition and lifestyle since they can also affect your overall health. 

Our treatment here at Align Chiropractic may use a hand-held device or an activator, or just pure hand pressure. Although the medicine usually takes several sessions, improvements in your spine’s alignment will be seen over several sessions. The modifications could range from increased mobility and ease of pain when sitting, standing, and lying down. Generally, improved spine alignment can give you better mobility. 

What Can Align Chiropractic offers?

Don’t just visit any chiropractic clinic, but instead choose a chiropractic center that offers a holistic treatment for your well-being. Besides providing the essential Core Chiropractic services, Align also includes nutrition counseling and oxygen and exercise coaching. To ensure that you are getting the best health, Align also offers a program to detoxify your body or minimize toxins. 

  1. Core Chiropractic. You don’t visit your chiropractor only if you feel pain. A regular visit for chiropractic care as a preventive measure will surely save you money from treating much more severe conditions. The point is, preventing your body from contracting illnesses and suffering pain is better than spending for treatment later on. But in case you are already in pain, chiropractic care is non-invasive compared to a surgical treatment option. Back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and spine alignment or manipulation are regular services you can avail from Align.
  1. Nutrition Counseling. Your chiropractor will not just crack your back, but you may also receive nutrition counseling to ensure bone health and overall well-being. So, if you are fond of fast food and processed food, your chiropractor may require you to choose what you eat wisely. A meal diary may even reveal what you have been feeding your body. 
  1. Oxygen and Exercises. Spine manipulation is useful to ease pain and align your spine. However, it is always good to prevent pain in the first place. So, your chiropractor may offer proper stretching and exercise to improve your core and prevent or ease the pain. Proper breathing is also taught to ensure that you are giving your body enough oxygen.   
  1. Healthy Habits and Lifestyle. Your body pain can be due to several reasons: injuries, poor posture, poor nutrition, and bad habits, or lifestyle. Hence, your chiropractor may offer holistic programs and approaches that let you slowly correct bad habits and lifestyles and learn an improved one. Suppose your sleeping habit gives you a mere four to five hours of sleep, no stretching or exercise whatsoever, bad habit of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, and others. In that case, your chiropractor will advise you to correct these bad habits. 

So, why choose to Align Chiropractic? Choose a chiropractor like Dr. Jason Kistler who can offer a tailored chiropractic treatment plan and holistic interventions to avoid injuries and improve your general well-being. At Align, you are getting the best chiropractic plan that fits your condition. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment for your chiropractic care needs. You don’t have to ensure back pain, slipped disc, or misaligned spine. There are treatments that you can choose from, like chiropractic care and surgery. However, it is best to keep the treatment option of surgery as the last option since a licensed and trained chiropractor can handle spine manipulation. 

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