The Ultimate Neck Pain Solution You Should Know About

Feeling pain in the neck is caused by many different factors that may include injuries, chronic conditions, and posture among many other things. When the pain is not so severe, some home remedy treatments can help relieve it. However, if it is something that is persistent and DIY solutions are not working, then it would be best to seek medical advice or better yet, make a trip to the chiropractor.

The experience of pain is one that is common and happens to everyone, but even so, it is still something that is not to be ignored as it may be a cause of other serious conditions.

Some Causes and Remedies of Pain

When we encounter pain in the spine, it usually stems from the lower back, and we should not forget that the neck which is at the top of the spine is also exposed to this experience. One of the most common examples for causing neck pain is when you keep your head bent low for an extended period of time. Doing this puts a lot of strain on the ligaments, intervertebral discs in the neck, muscles, and joints.

Having a proper posture or changing your position can help in avoiding the pain, and if you want to reduce it, there are also several ways to help you out. Among the most effective methods is by doing some stretches as it improves the range of motion. By doing this, you are reducing the tension by easing those tight neck muscles as well as relieves compression of the vertebrae which is a consequence of the tension. 

You can try doing a simple neck exercise by first facing forward and then slowly turning your head to one side. Hold that position for about 3 seconds before facing forward again. Afterwards, slowly turn your head again towards the other side and then hold for about the same time before returning to the original position which is facing forward.

Through stretching, the neck’s range of motion is maintained and extended. But to be safe, consult your chiropractor and seek for their advice about what type of chiropractic care works for your neck pain as this varies according to what is causing it. Some causes of neck pain are whiplash, injuries due to sports or accident, poor posture, and certain types of jobs that require you to stay in one position for too long.

Neck pain can also be a result of stress, a rupture of the invertebral disc, anxiety, or chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, or spinal stenosis. Whatever the cause of your neck pain, and whether it is severe or not, making a trip to your chiropractor is definitely something you should consider. This is essential so that your condition can be properly diagnosed and the right chiropractic treatment can be recommended.

Other Solutions to Ease Neck Pain

When an imbalance in the neck muscles occurs, deeper muscles that link the vertebras tend to become overstretched and weakens which then lead to the experience of pain in the neck area. Some of the usual solutions that people do to relieve neck pain is by taking pain relievers or other over- the- counter medications, using heating pads, or applying ice on the affected area. 

Though these methods typically work, there are times when they just do not. When this becomes the case, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor or see your chiropractor to find out what is the most suitable treatment for your situation. If you experience other symptoms such as headache, pain in the jaw or the arm, fever, nausea and vomiting, extreme stiffness in the neck, shortness of breath, and the like, you should definitely get some medical help.

Aside from the ones already mentioned, there are more ways to ease pain in the neck and this includes physical therapy, using a water pillow as it allows you to adjust the firmness by either reducing or increasing the amount of water, or through chiropractic care. Swimming can also help as this form of exercise does not cause stress on the spine, but before doing this, ask your chiropractor or your doctor if there are certain swim strokes that you should avoid.

Keeping a journal may assist in relieving stress and in the process also enhance thinking. Meditating can also help as it involves controlled breathing exercises or sometimes it also uses guided imagery. When you are using your phone, try using a hands- free headset to avoid leaning on one side for a long time.

How to Avoid Neck Pain

Although there are many ways to resolve neck pain, why not try avoiding them by following some of these tips? Maintain a good posture where the head balances directly over the spine, try your best to keep your stress levels low, have an ergonomic workstation, keep your back and shoulders in a relaxed position, and avoid holding your head in a bent position longer than 10 minutes. 

Another way to prevent neck pain is by having frequent breaks. Move around, get up and do some stretching of your shoulders and neck, try to have a good position when sleeping, and do not carry heavy bags with straps over the shoulder.

The medical community is still figuring out how to help patients who suffer from debilitating neck and back injuries, but there are many things that individuals can do to start feeling better.

Though there are ways to avoid the experience of pain in the neck, there are times when it cannot simply be avoided because there are a lot of activities where we are forced to hold our head in one place such as when working at a computer or when driving. There are also some situations that we cannot avoid such as having joints that are worn out or having certain diseases like cancer, meningitis, or rheumatoid arthritis, or compression in the nerves.

Visit your chiropractor for whatever reason is causing your neck pain so that you can be properly assessed. This way, you are not only getting the right chiropractic treatment, but you are also protecting your body from further damage.

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