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Our goal at Align Chiropractic is to help our patients live to their fullest health potential. To do this, we choose to address the root cause of our patients' health problems and symptoms rather than simply treating the symptom itself. While our patients often report symptomatic improvements very quickly, we are after long term health improvement and increased function, not just temporary relief!

Chiropractic & Wellness Professionals Serving Malvern, PA.

Achieve fewer aches and pains, improved balance and mobility, and better quality of life by treating the problems, not just the symptoms. Each and every patient that walks through our doors has a team of doctors working together for them that constantly stay up to date with latest, cutting-edge chiropractic and regenerative and treatment techniques.

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About Our Clinic

At Align Chiropractic, we focus on structural correction of the spine. Just as there is normal blood pressure, body temperature, and hormone levels, there is a normal spinal position. When the spine is not in its normal position, a condition called subluxation, many secondary conditions (aka symptoms) can occur. These symptoms can include but are not limited to, back pain, neck pain, numbness and tingling along the spine or into the extremities, headaches, disc injuries, TMJ issues, loss of balance and dizziness, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, and the list goes on.

Structural Corrective Chiropractic May Help...

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“I came to Align over 2 years ago with shoulder and neck pain that was constant and kept me up at night. I felt confident in Dr. Kistler as he showed me a thorough plan of improving my alignment and posture based on a review of my xrays. The pain eased after a few weeks of treatment and excercises, and I started to feel better generally as well. After a few months, my pain was gone, I was sleeping more soundly than I had in years, and I felt healthier. I have decided to continue going to Align regularly and I am very happy with the results and my health overall. I highly recommend Align.”

- Moth Aitch

I’ve been searching for the right chiropractor since moving to the area a couple years ago. I found out about Dr. K after a lunch and learn at my office. At the time of the lunch and learn, I was in my mid 20s and suffering from daily migraines/ headaches and severe acid reflux. I knew after Dr. K’s outreach session, I needed to schedule an adjustment at Align. After a few adjustments, my headaches went away completely and my acid reflux soon followed. I am amazed how different I feel and no longer take any pain medication or antacids. Dr. K’s approach is to perform long-term spinal correction to unlock our body’s natural potential for healing. His adjustments are tailored to you based on your X-rays and goals. Scheduling an adjustment with Dr. K has been the best decision for my health and well being. Highly recommend his practice!”

- Abby Youmans

“What can I say? I’ve been seeing Dr. Kistler now for almost 2 years, pain free! It all started with a lunch and learn and well, what I learned from Dr. Kistler really made sense. I was reluctant at first but as I began to feel better and better, I knew I had made the right choice. Thank you Dr. Kistler!”

- Sue Lawley Steinmetz

“Excellent experience, friendly staffs, my backpain completely gone. God bless this place”

- Ruby Moncy

“I have been bringing myself and my kids to Align For about 3 years. Receiving adjustments during pregnancy was perhaps THE LEADING reason I was able to have a VBAC after being told by my doc that I am just the wrong size and will never be able to deliver a baby normally. Dr. Kistler encouraged adjustments and helped me believe in the possibility of a different reality. Additionally, Align has served as a helpful voice in caring my my kids’ health and well being as they have also been adjusted on a bi weekly basis. Never have we struggled with ear infections, back pain, or inflexibility. I am so thankful for the time we have spent at this practice! Highly recommend.”

- JoshEllie Demi

“Highly recommend! I was constantly uncomfortable for a long time prior to meeting Dr. Kistler. I had trouble raising my left arm, neck and back pain. And this was impinging on my life. But not anymore! With my adjustments and my at home exercises I am a new person! Feel fabulous and have a range of motion the I have not had in years. His team is so friendly, office is clean, and I feel comfortable there. It has been life changing for me!”

- Carol Porreca

“Amazing place to learn about health and your body! Love the Christian songs playing in the background while warming up or getting adjusted.Great improvement! Thank you Dr. Kistler!-Kang Family”

- Min K.

“Lower back pain was in the way of EVERYTHING I liked doing.  I couldn’t go for walks, play golf,  or do simple chores around the house without feeling pain.  I’m 6 weeks into a 5-month corrective care program now with Align and I’m already feeling significant improvement and seeing it on my X-rays.  I actually walked 9-holes with zero pain the other day, which was something I haven’t done in a long, long time.  Prior to Align, I took the prescribed anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers but none were lasting solutions.  Creating permanent structural change that returns your spine to its natural alignment after years of poor posture and damaging lifting won’t happen with a pill, shot, or a handful of adjustments.  It takes work overtime, including daily at-home exercises.  If that’s the type of solution you’re after, reach out to Align because Dr. Kistler is truly the best around.”

- Barbara S.

Our goal at Align Chiropractic is to help our patients live to their fullest health potential.

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