Barbara S.

“Lower back pain was in the way of EVERYTHING I liked doing.  I couldn’t go for walks, play golf,  or do simple chores around the house without feeling pain.  I’m 6 weeks into a 5-month corrective care program now with Align and I’m already feeling significant improvement and seeing it on my X-rays.  I actually walked 9-holes with zero pain the other day, which was something I haven’t done in a long, long time.  Prior to Align, I took the prescribed anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers but none were lasting solutions.  Creating permanent structural change that returns your spine to its natural alignment after years of poor posture and damaging lifting won’t happen with a pill, shot, or a handful of adjustments.  It takes work overtime, including daily at-home exercises.  If that’s the type of solution you’re after, reach out to Align because Dr. Kistler is truly the best around.”

Our goal at Align Chiropractic is to help our patients live to their fullest health potential.

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